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Businesses are undergoing a rapid digital transformation in response to the evolution of the end-user experience and the way people interact with systems. Razor Technology is here to help our clients understand the radical changes they face in the digital world and enable them to create rich digital experiences for both their employees and customers.

Is your business ready for a digital future?

Is Outdated Technology Hurting Your Business?

In today’s fast-changing business environment, companies are realizing that a traditional infrastructure or legacy system can’t keep pace with the innovation, integration, speed and productivity required to thrive. If you want to increase your value and relevance in a competitive marketplace, you need to adopt agile digital business solutions to improve customer experiences and drive future growth.

Is Your Organization Drowning In Data?

Many businesses are overwhelmed by a flood of information. This tidal wave of information is not only difficult to navigate, but time-consuming and expensive to store in on-premises data centers. A trusted, knowledgeable business solutions partner can help you develop an integrated digital solution and transform raw data into actionable insights.

Is Your Business Ready For The Next Generation?

Your business’s success greatly hinges on its ability to optimize day-to-day operations. We help businesses in all industries, businesses just like yours, adopt the next generation of digital technologies and build a more competitive high-performing business.

Solutions at a Glance

Business Applications

Razor Technology offers greater productivity for enterprise application development and delivery. Elevate your productivity with smart custom built, mobile and enterprise applications designed for human resources, finance, legal, marketing, sales, engineering and a diverse range of capabilities and industries. Break down data silos and realize a single, powerful source of truth for all departments and divisions.


With the mobile workforce growing at a rapid rate, businesses increasingly rely on productivity and collaboration solutions for more effective and streamlined communication. Productivity solutions help you connect employees with the information, tools and processes they need to get work done and make your business thrive. We deliver high-performance tools and software, including SharePoint portals to help you improve communications, streamline workflow and increase productivity.

Data Estate

With massive amounts of data pouring into organizations every day, businesses face the challenge of sifting through databases and reacting quickly to relevant data. We design business intelligence software to connect people to the right information at the right time, helping them make better-informed, faster decisions. Deliver relevant, accurate and timely answers and insights to generate new revenue streams and solve business problems.

Digital and Application Innovation

Razor Technology’s enterprise application development and delivery includes bespoke and efficient mobile and enterprise applications that are smartly-designed to enhance businesses across their org chart. park a fundamental change in how your business operates with digital tools built specifically to deliver a competitive edge. Custom applications are key to filling gaps that off-the-shelf solutions miss so that you can, get to market faster, better meet customer expectations, boost revenues and profitability, increase the effectiveness of data-driven decision making, and position your organization for future growth.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Razor Technology delivers the full suite of integrated Microsoft Azure cloud solutions to make work easier and more efficient at every level of the organization. Azure Cloud offers scalability on demand, hybrid architectures and the ability to pay for what you use. From computing, database, mobile, networking, security, storage and web to predictive analytics services, Razor Technology can help you plan, design, implement and support a flexible and reliable end-to-end solution.

Modern Workplace

The Microsoft Modern Workplace is a transformative upgrade for businesses. It eliminates many issues that impede progress and productivity in less-digitally empowered work environments, such as data silos, human error, and miscommunication. Businesses are able to share information freely and securely through the organization and develop automated processes that limit the mistakes that can result from manual data entry. Razor Technology implements the Microsoft Modern Workplace as a holistic framework for seamlessly and rapidly upgrading work environments to this new way of operating. Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), Digital Workspaces. Telephony and Windows 11.


Security threats are constantly changing and increasing in complexity every year. We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of security and monitoring solutions to help businesses of all sizes safeguard their data, applications and infrastructure. Secure access to critical business data, proactively monitor your environment for gaps in protection and combat the most dangerous threats.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services from Razor Technology

Businesses are adopting digital technology at a rapid rate —are you keeping up?

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