Razor Tech’s David Rosenthal Speaks to LinuxInsider about New Microsoft Sonar

In October, Microsoft announced the release of Sonar, a new open-source linting and scanning tool for website maintenance professionals that the company claims represents the next generation of scanning tools. Razor Technology’s Vice President of Digital Business Technology Solutions David Rosenthal recently spoke to LinuxInsider about what this means for those in IT and website development and the clients they serve.

Microsoft’s Sonar is a new tool that can be leveraged by web developers and others to create more effective sites with tighter security measures in place. It works by combing URLs, searching for any issues with accessibility, interoperability, performance, and security. Then it goes the extra mile, calling attention to problem areas and suggesting potential fixes.1

Sonar has many great capabilities, but is it a necessary option for all websites out there? Razor Tech’s David Rosenthal says maybe not. “I do not see it as necessary for your ‘non-customized GoDaddy WordPress site,” he says, but Sonar could be “absolutely valuable for larger and more complex websites with programming, third-party extensions.”

He also argues that Sonar is only as effective as the actions it inspires from developers and site designers, who need to review analyses the tool provides and use it to approach new solutions.

Fast facts about Sonar:

  • It can execute code and parallel testing and operates on web best practices
  • It possesses a modernized set of rules and is great for baseline assessments
  • It is open-sourced and can integrate with other services and platforms
  • It eases big security burdens for web developers and could encourage Microsoft tools and Azure adoption

Read the full article on the LinuxInsider website for more information about this new tool and to hear thoughts from other top IT business leaders.

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1 Microsoft’s open-source Sonar tool will test your site’s performance and security, Abhimanyu Ghoshal

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