Microsoft New Commerce Experience

Razor Technology Is Your Trusted Microsoft New Commerce Experience Partner – Free License Assessments and NCE Planning

Microsoft is launching a major expansion of its New Commerce Experience (NCE) per-seat license model in 2022 for Commercial customers covering these cloud solutions:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Dynamics 365
  • Windows 365
  • Power Platform

Make Your NCE Migration a Major Success

New changes mean new decisions to navigate, but with help from Razor you can untap significant operational and financial benefits:

  • Reduced licensing complexity
  • Multiple term options
  • New features that enhance capabilities
  • Subscription Workflow optimizations

Don’t Delay in Making the Switch

Microsoft is offering several time sensitive promotions to encourage early adoption. Companies that sign up for an annual or longer plan starting January 10 through February 28 will receive the largest discount. After March 1, prices will increase to their standard levels.

All seat licenses will be available in three plans:

  • Monthly
  • One Year
  • Three Year

The Monthly plan has a 20% cost premium over the one and three year plans but offers increased flexibility. The One Year plan, by comparison, is paid upfront and offers cost savings and price protection, and the Three Year plan offers an even longer price lock.

Razor Technology Is Your Trusted Microsoft New Commerce Experience Partner – Free License Assessments and NCE Planning

Take advantage of Microsoft’s incentives to switch to NCE early. Excluding Windows 365, Microsoft is offering a 5% discount off subscriptions if you move to an annual plan at any time between January 10 and June 30, 2022.

The NCE expansion will rollout in four phases in 2022:

Phase 1

January 1

The NCE will become available with a monthly discount to annual pricing available through June 30.

Phase 2

January 10

A 5% promotional offer for annual plans becomes available.

Phase 3

March 10

All new subscriptions must start utilizing the NCE process.

Phase 4

July 1

Any remaining legacy subscriptions will be converted or renewed into the NCE.

This is just the start. Microsoft will be releasing a range of new features and benefits for the NCE over the course of 2022 and beyond. Stay connected to Razor Technology for the latest details.

Razor Knows the Microsoft Cloud

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Razor Technology is deeply experienced at helping our partners get the most of their digital transformation and optimize their cloud investments.

We help growing companies take full advantage of a comprehensive range of best-in-class cloud-based infrastructure, networks, and applications — and we ensure our customers pay only for the solutions that make economic sense for their business model, include all the special offers available, and keep them on the cutting-edge in the digitally-dominated marketplace.

Contact Razor Technology’s M365 team to learn more and get a free assessment of your best licensing and NCE options.