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At Razor Technology, we provide companies small and large with instant access to enterprise-grade IT infrastructure and capabilities tailored to your unique needs. We develop, implement, and support end-to-end IT solutions that simplify your IT environment, eliminate costs, and allow you to remain competitive and profitable. Browse our complete set of solutions below.

Data Center

Streamline your IT processes by creating and maintaining an effective IT infrastructure while minimizing expenses with data center solutions that offer a holistic approach to IT infrastructure. We offer expertise in optimizing, transforming and managing servers and storage, virtualization technology, networking and security, and backup and recovery solutions that drive efficiencies, lower costs, and improve your business.

Digital Transformation

Increase your value and relevance in a competitive marketplace by adopting agile digital solutions that improve customer experiences and ready your business for complex future needs. Our digital solutions include collaboration and knowledge management, BI and analytics, app development and integration, and security and monitoring, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Cloud implementation.

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