Razor Technology Is Your

Managed Service Partner

Digital tools enable incredible productivity and efficiency, but they also provide a dangerous vector for cybersecurity attacks.

The right partner makes all the difference. For your IT needs, choose a managed services provider that stays vigilant against the threat of ransomware and ensures your business is inoculated against the threat of data loss.

From small and medium businesses to enterprises, IT budgets are increasing to address the reality that most commerce is mediated by digital systems today. Without productivity tools, security measures, and analytics platforms that enable modern business, marketshare is almost certain to be lost to more nimble and empowered competitors.

Skilled and diligent managed service providers (MSP) like Razor Technology are on the job 24/7/365, so your organization can expect a rapid rectification of every issue.

Are you Prepared for Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. In 2019, half of all U.S. businesses had to confront a ransomware incident of some kind, and a new organization is attacked every 14 seconds.

4 billion

records exposed in the first half of 2019


of enterprises store sensitive data in the cloud


is the average cost to undo the damage of a digital attack

$6 trillion

will be the estimated annual global cybercrime damages by 2021

197 days

pass before the average breach is detected

Far from mere annoyances, these threats grind the operations of entire enterprises, and even entire cities, to a standstill. The average cost, in downtime, lost opportunities, software and hardware issues, and wasted manpower, is $133,000 per attack.

More alarmingly, even after paying a ransom, many organizations never get their data back. These data disasters can be fatal as 60% of small businesses close their operations for good within six months of a major data loss.

There’s no way to completely prevent cyber security attacks, but with proper security measures their frequency and impact can be greatly reduced, and 96% of organizations with comprehensive backup solutions are able to fully recover from a ransomware attack.

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The Value of Managed Services:

1 in 4

Due to a recent security incident, one in four enterprises are increasing their 2020 IT spend, as detailed in Spiceworks’ 2020 State of IT annual report.


A Cisco study found that use of a managed service provider increased operational efficiency by 60% and reduced recurring, inhouse IT costs by 40%.


Gartner’s analysis shows that 56% of CEOs say that investing in digital upgrades is a path to revenue growth.

Why Choose Razor Technology As Your Managed Service Partner?

Today’s customers, both B2B and B2C, judge the companies they transact with by the reliability and security of their digital systems. When a company website goes down, data is lost, or a sales platform glitches and there isn’t an immediate response to correct the problem, customers take notice.

In fact, 81% of organizations report that IT is a strategic enabler of their business. It’s what makes things work, connects them to their current and prospective customers to expand their brand, and reduces barriers to their employees achieving their highest levels of productivity.