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Reclaim time to focus on business growth by taking your IT infrastructure to the cloud.

More businesses than ever are moving to the cloud to cut down on IT costs and drive operational efficiencies. If you want to stay competitive and relevant in your industry, moving to the cloud is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.

Many businesses are afraid to embrace cloud solutions. They’re afraid of losing control or worry about the costs of the switch. They resist change and feel more comfortable with the legacy system they know and have likely been using for years. By doing so, they risk falling behind the competition and limit their potential for business growth. They miss out on valuable business opportunities and the powerful benefits of a secure and flexible cloud infrastructure solution.

Business Cloud Scalability

Maximize Scalability

Hosted infrastructure solutions give businesses the ability to scale up or down as needed while eliminating the high costs associated with upgrading and maintaining on-premise servers and hardware. In managing corporate growth, your primary focus should be on your core business activities and not worrying about the underlying IT infrastructure that supports them.

By swapping your legacy system with a hosted cloud solution, you can alleviate the IT burden on your business. Rather than purchasing, installing, and updating equipment, you can add new users and applications almost instantaneously. As your data capacity needs fluctuate, or as your business experiences unexpected growth spurts, you can tap into the cloud’s resources and ease your growing pains.

IT efficiency for business

Elevate IT Efficiency

When you adopt a scalable and reliable cloud solution, all the complexities and expenses of managing your critical business systems are outsourced to the infrastructure as a services provider. What’s more, all resources are pulled from a multitude of servers and networks the provider is responsible for maintaining.

A leading infrastructure as a services provider, Razor Technology can ensure your company operates with a robust and secure production environment. We enable businesses to create efficiencies and support current and future growth initiatives. Our purpose-built servers are hosted on industry-leading hardware in a redundant, secure, and continually-audited Tier IV data center. You get a level of redundancy and uptime in your IT environment that is second to none.

Technical Support from a Managed Services Provider

Expert Support & Integration

Looking beyond the infrastructure, Razor Technology provides the expertise, real-world experience, and custom solutions to help you build, manage, and enhance your production environment. Industry-certified engineers, detail-oriented and experienced project managers, and active senior management partner together to ensure you receive top-tier hosted infrastructure solutions for your business. You benefit from everything the cloud has to offer and free up time to focus on crucial business tasks.

Razor Technology partners with top vendors to deliver enterprise-class, end-to-end cloud and technology solutions to businesses just like yours. Regardless of the size of your business, we can plan and design a custom built solution to increase your business output and enhance security. Start optimizing your IT environment and secure your data by implementing our virtual server solutions or backup and recovery services for small businesses, mid-sized companies or large enterprises.

Considering a move to the cloud?

Read the Beginner’s Guide to Data Migration!

We can ensure a seamless transition to the cloud.

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