Disaster Recovery Services for Small Businesses

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Recover business-critical information in all cases of disaster.

Disaster recovery is about quickly restoring your critical business services when you need them most. Utilizing award-winning technologies from companies such as Zerto, our customized disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions protect critical data so businesses can maintain productivity around the clock. Offering a mix of services, we meet the business continuity and disaster recovery needs of small and medium-size businesses (SMBS) along with large enterprises.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Hypervisor-Based Replication

Using business continuity software like Zerto, we provide continuous real‑time replication of servers into virtual environments with the flexibility, scalability, and granularity needed to ensure data and applications are safe.

Snapshot-Based Replication

Data backup is a best practice to restore critical data in the case of application corruption, user error, or hardware failure. With NetApp Cloud Replication, you replace traditional backups with a more scalable and reliable managed service so you can turn CAPEX into OPEX, without sacrificing control, security, or regulatory compliance.

Offsite Backup

Replace the need for transporting storage devices to an offsite facility by using a cloud backup and recovery solution that offers ease-of-use and security as part of a reliable disaster recovery plan.

On top of our robust disaster recovery offerings,
we layer complementary disaster recovery services such as:

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Testing

Whether man-made or natural, unexpected disasters can be detrimental to the operation of even the smallest business. Are you confident that your disaster recovery solution will be there when you need it most? Razor Technology will exhaustively test your existing disaster recovery solution and procedures to guarantee they’ll be ready and reliable when disaster strikes.

Disaster Recovery Planning

You understand that you need a disaster recovery plan, but don’t know where to start. Our disaster recovery experts work with small and large businesses to plan and design a disaster recovery strategy that addresses unique needs.

Expert Integration & Orchestration

Want to explore a particular cloud disaster as a recovery service? We’ll work with you to integrate and orchestrate the solution, so that all components are synched and optimized for maximum performance.

24/7 Monitoring with Our Network Operations Center

Our Network Operations Center provides uninterrupted monitoring and performance of your disaster recovery solution – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Under our watch, your data and applications remain safe, secure and available when you need them.

Tier 3 Data Center

When it comes to managing your data, we understand that a reliable data center is the backbone to many disaster recovery solutions. That’s why we maintain a Tier 3 data center to ensure unaffected business continuity and the ongoing safety of your data.

At the Core of What We Do

With an effective disaster recovery solution and plan at the core of our service model, Razor Technology has meticulously built an infrastructure using the same best-in-class technology that we’re offering you. We’re confident it will provide businesses of all sizes and industries with the services and reliability needed to mitigate risk. With technology leaders like NetApp, Cisco, and Zerto, how could you not feel secure?

Our disaster recovery services are industry-proven and recognized. In fact, we’re a recent recipient of the MSP500 award!

CRN Top 500 MSPs

ou’ve implemented a robust disaster recovery solution. Now what? Explore Razor Technology’s full offering of scalable, secure and reliable IT and cloud solutions including virtual server solutions and backup and recovery services.

Read how one insurance firm quickly recovered over 1.2 TB of data after a hardware failure.

Don’t let a disaster catch you unprepared.

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