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Data is the lifeblood of the modern business. Razor Tech can ensure your data is secure and recoverable.

Razor Vault™, Next Generation Data Protection

For many organizations, data is their most valuable asset — and their top priority is reliably and securely protecting enterprise information. Razor Vault’s enterprise-grade cloud backup and recovery is a local and off-site backup and recovery solution. We can protect your entire enterprise, including laptops, workstations, file servers, databases, and email systems, while adhering to necessary regulations and requirements that are unique to your environment. Razor Vault allows you to substantially shrink backup times, improve recovery time, securely protect data off-site, and archive data for long-term retention with an easy-to-manage enterprise solution.

Furthermore, because our data vaulting service eliminates the need for costly backup software and hardware, tape drives, tapes, and costs associated with moving data off-site — and replaces them with one low monthly service fee — you can reduce the capital costs and complex management tasks associated with most enterprise backup environments.

Razor Vault™ offers unparalleled levels of service and security for companies of all sizes and profiles — from one-site businesses to multi-terabyte organizations with many satellite locations. Razor Vault works with you to ensure that your data is always protected.

Razor Vault Unique Capabilities:

Backup Without Boundaries: Any Device, Any Application, Any Platform

We provide the freedom to protect data that resides on all your enterprise devices, from data centers and databases to tablets and smartphones.

Agentless Architecture

Our automated approach not only simplifies rollout and reduces administrative costs, but it also scales to protect everything from one to thousands of devices, while providing more security than agent-based models.


Maximize utilization of storage and network infrastructure and optimize your bandwidth while driving down costs with our comprehensive deduplication practice.


Moving aged data to more cost-effective secondary storage provides an added layer of safety and security while reducing the overall costs of your backup solution.

Data Encryption — In Flight and At Rest

Developed over the past 23 years, the data vaulting software used by Razor Technology is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world. Security of data is paramount in ensuring our clients can sustain compliance requirements. Therefore, all data is encrypted prior to leaving its own environment and remains encrypted at Razor’s facilities. Each client is responsible for managing the encryption keys — and that means Razor personnel will never have the ability or right to view client data.

Autonomic Self-Healing

Autonomic Healing guarantees data integrity with zero corruption to ensure successful restores every time. It runs seamlessly in the background, constantly scanning for corrupted or problematic files. As Autonomic Healing checks backup files, it automatically corrects file and directory ID duplications, without the need for human intervention. When Autonomic Healing finds a problematic file that it cannot fix at the central site location, it triggers the software to resynchronize and resend any corrupted files during the next scheduled backup — again, without human intervention.


Government regulations provide strict criteria for the electronic storage of data. Razor Vault facilitates our clients in satisfying these compliance requirements by applying DES 256 encryptions, complete audit trails, automated backup life cycle, and redundancy. Our capabilities cover and support the following regulations: PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLB, and SEC.

Flexible Restore

We employ a customized approach to meet your restoration needs, including varying recovery point objectives (RPO), bare metal, message-level and file-level restoration, as well as disaster recovery.

24X7 Remote Monitoring

To round out the Razor Vault Solution, we offer remote monitoring for all of your backup jobs, 24x7x365. Our network operations center experts continuously monitor your backup environment, allowing your team the freedom to focus on other vital business tasks.

Ensure your sensitive data remains safe and secure anytime, anywhere.

Our trustworthy experts can help you achieve your organization’s overall data protection objectives without having to compromise. Send us a message.

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