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Identify and eliminate potential issues before they occur with our Alerting & Monitoring solutions.

Cloud computing offers your business added agility and operational advantages; however, it may be challenging for your IT staff to see “behind the cloud.” Knowing what is happening in your cloud environment at all times is key to being able to react accordingly when faced with an interruptive event. Razor Technology provides a comprehensive alerting and monitoring solution portfolio to keep your staff aware of the health and functioning of your environment so they can react quickly or — better yet — prevent problems from occurring in the first place. With our alerting and monitoring capabilities, you have the power to become aware of your system’s behavior, analyze accordingly, and act in order to prevent disruptions that affect your customers.

What We Monitor:

Razor Vault

Application Monitoring

Service Availability

Storage Performance

Security Event Monitoring

Network Performance

Virtualization Monitoring

Achieve enterprise-class IT efficiency and dependability no matter the size of your company.

Our team of experts can help you support a healthy, robust IT environment. Send us a message.

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