Protect Your Company with a Business Impact Analysis: Razor Tech’s Tom Reynolds Speaks to SearchDisasterRecovery

Data loss can occur at any moment and affect any size business, whether through corruption, accidental deletion, hacking or physical disasters like floods and fires. While physical IT assets can be restored, the loss of critical data means it’s gone forever, leading to downtime and a damaged bottom-line and reputation. That’s why a solid backup and recovery plan optimized for your company’s specific needs is vital. Tom Reynolds, Director of Technology Solutions at Razor Technology, recently spoke with SearchDisasterRecovery about the importance of finding a plan that’s right for your business.

“Businesses should identify what their tolerance is for potential data loss and operational downtime by performing a business impact analysis.” According to Razor Tech’s Tom Reynolds, companies need a plan they can trust but also fits their needs. Even if you have a backup plan, the longer it takes to restore that data, the more downtime your company will suffer. But if shortcuts are taken and key data is lost, the consequences could be catastrophic, from loss of clients to government scrutiny.

To avoid this, a business impact analysis can find the right plan for your company. It does so by measuring two key objectives, called the recovery point objective, or RPO, and the recovery time objective, or the RTO. The RPO determines how often businesses need to backup their data to avoid damaging data loss. The RTO determines the time period within which key business systems must be restored before the business suffers unacceptable downtime or other consequences. When the RPO and RTO are measured together, they find the right balance for minimal downtime without data loss.

“Once these metrics are determined, proper technologies can be put in place to ensure that the desired levels of recoverability can be achieved,” Reynolds told SearchDisasterRecovery. This is where companies like Razor Technology can help. Through a range of flexible, scalable disaster recovery solutions like hypervisor-based replication, snapshot-based replication and offsite backup, Razor Tech can provide businesses with a customized approach that ensures even the worst disaster won’t do lasting damage to your company.

Data recovery is a critical, complex task, and there’s always more you can learn about protecting your business. Visit SearchDisasterRecovery’s website to read the full article, Five data recovery planning steps to protect vital assets.

Don’t wait until after critical data is lost. Learn more about Razor Technology’s services or contact us to schedule a business impact analysis today.

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