Construction & the Cloud: Razor Tech’s Jay Gagné Speaks to Construction Dive

Health IT companies, nonprofits, and government organizations – what do these three have in common? They’re all industries that are generally considered slow to adopt new technology. And construction companies easily fit in this group, too. Jay Gagné, Chief Technology Officer at Razor Technology, recently spoke with Construction Dive about the industry’s slow adoption of the cloud and why construction firms and their business leaders should make an effort to catch up.

“If sufficient mobility capability exists, then the opportunity for cloud is there.” Razor Tech’s Jay Gagné argues that the cloud is a much-needed and viable option for those in the construction industry if mobile technology is already available to workers on construction sites. But how useful would this technology be for users? Gagné says it would offer a wide range of benefits for workers, contractors, project managers and other construction professionals. “This mobility in the cloud offers construction organizations anything from time and material tracking to insight into daily project completion from anywhere in the world, as well as analytics and performance efficiencies,” said Gagné.

So what’s the hold up with cloud adoption if many on job sites already use mobile devices? Contractors and construction organizations can’t often put a name to their problems. They are looking for end-to-end solutions that promote internal and external integration and organization-wide operation support. But many are still unaware of the cloud’s ability to provide this and IT firms’ ability to aid in the overall management of their IT environment – or they simply don’t know how to get started.

And that’s where companies like Razor Tech come in. Cloud-based software companies can offer construction organizations affordable cloud and IT managed services plans that can be made to custom-fit the unique needs of their business. Gagné says that if more companies in the construction industry begin to adopt the cloud, they can also begin to improve their disaster recovery and business continuity planning. This would create a much more simplified solution, especially for smaller construction companies that would otherwise lack the means of paying for such advanced plans.

Hear what other IT thought leaders and professionals are saying about the industry’s missing cloud link by visiting Construction Dive’s website to read the full article.

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