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How healthy is your IT environment?

How confident are you that your critical data is safe from hackers, human error, disaster and everything in between? If you’re having doubts about your data security, or need extra peace of mind about your data protection measures, we’ve put together a short quiz to help you assess your security risk.

Select your answers, and we’ll immediately provide you with your Data Vulnerability Quiz Results.

Data Vulnerability Quiz
Perimeter Protection: Do you have firewalls in place? *
Perimeter Protection: Do you manage and monitor your firewall devices? *
Perimeter Protection: Have you deployed an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) or Intrusion Detection System (IDS)? *
Endpoint Protection: Have you adopted an endpoint security solution? *
Endpoint Protection: Is your endpoint security solution managed and updated centrally? *
Wireless Networking: Are your wireless networks secure? *
Wireless Networking: Do you offer separate employee and guest network access? *
Data Governance: Is your company subject to regulatory/audit requirements (HIPAA, PCI, SOX, ITIL, FDICIA, etc.)? *
Data Governance: Have you ever had accountability issues due to a lack of reliable records about who accessed or amended business information? *
Data Governance: Have you implemented a comprehensive set of security policies and procedures? *
Data Governance: Do you have a defined and enforced network password policy? *
Data Governance: Have you adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy? *
Data Governance: Is your BYOD policy defined and enforced? *
Cloud Security: Are you utilizing a public cloud provider for any data storage? *
Cloud Security: Do you have security measures in place to protect your data in the public cloud? *