Case Study: Tech Air Companies

Sometimes it can be challenging to balance more visible business needs with IT department upkeep, but any IT professional will tell you that today these are one in the same. A company’s growth and business goals are inextricably linked to its information technology capabilities; IT improvements are business improvements.

That’s why businesses of all sizes should make it a priority to keep their IT infrastructure in check and should work with a managed services provider (MSP) that can dedicate the time and attention needed to manage a safe, secure, and complex IT environment that promotes business health and growth. An MSP like Razor Technology can proactively monitor, support and protect your IT environment, optimize operations, and prevent future business disasters.

Hear how one business leader achieved his IT goals with Razor Tech in the video case study below featuring Tech Air Companies, a leading provider of industrial, medical, and specialty gases and supplies.

“You can go anywhere to get servers, but it’s really the people that count and with Razor, we’ve found a team that we can really work with.” – Joe Wechezak, Chief Information Officer at Tech Air Companies


Tech Air Companies is a leading provider of industrial, medical, and specialty gases and supplies. When searching for a new managed services provider, Tech Air Companies had three key goals:

  1. Update their data center
  2. Improve the performance of their ERP system
  3. Dramatically improve their disaster recovery capabilities


Razor Technology began the early stages of our partnership with Tech Air by taking the time to fully understand their challenges and priorities. As an agnostic MSP, we believe it’s important to provide clients with IT solutions that fully align with the way they run their business.

Razor Tech CTO Jay Gagné explains, “We are agnostic at our core, so whether a company wants to have the solution provided on-premise because they’re not ready to take on or adopt a cloud strategy, or they’re ready for the cloud, our approach is to listen to the challengesgauge the overall DNA of a company, understand their tolerance for either risk or adoption of new technology, match those up with our expertise, and deliver a solid solution.”


In nine months, Razor Technology helped Tech Air Companies meet and exceed each of the goals they sought to accomplish with a new managed services provider. The result was a dramatically improved IT infrastructure that set the foundation for future business growth.

  • Moved and stabilized their data center
  • Built a parallel environment
  • Upgraded their ERP system
  • Added disaster recovery capabilities
  • Added load balancing capabilities
  • Improved overall IT infrastructure

Partnering with an MSP ensures that IT enhancements like the ones above are carried into the future, managed by a team that proactively protects critical business data and operations and supports flexible business scaling. A trusted managed services partner is an invaluable asset for modern businesses.

Are you interested in learning more about Razor Technology’s managed services offering? Visit our Managed Services page to learn more about our cloud and MSP solutions and read up on the benefits of partnering with Razor Tech.

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