In today’s world of disk to disk backups and continuous data protection, here is a question for you: Has backup moved from the backseat to the trunk in the overall data protection plan for most companies? Let’s face facts, backup is generally underfunded, overlooked and always plays catch-up. A decade ago, most enterprise organizations had more data in backup than they did in production. (In some cases, up to 5x more.) Now we have dedupe, compression and smarter corporate policies that don’t have us keeping everything forever, but did it go too far? Are we really protected?

It goes without saying that backup isn’t about backup, it really is about the ability to recover what we need, when we need it. But in today’s environment, the data that we are trying to back up has become more complicated. We have moved to a scenario where some data comes from a replicated source, some data comes from historical log files and some data comes from the backup/recovery platform. Did we really make it this complicated??? Yep, we did.

Please join us for an exclusive Live Webinar featuring Jay Gagne, CTO of Razor Technology. Jay has had more than 16 years of industry expertise and is a prolific public speaker talking about top trends such as Cloud and Big Data Technologies.  In this webinar, he will cover the following:

  • Review Industry trends and gain insights into what the future state of Enterprise Backup and Recovery looks like
  • Learn how to take your complicated data, adapt to your environment and achieve 100% Recoverability
  • How to integrate all of your data protection strategies into a single, secure and cost-effective platform that works for you