Razor’s Edge:
A Value Model Built for
Growth and Cost Control

We provide supplemental or full IT support, as well as strategy and integration services that help you create and maintain an IT infrastructure that assures your business is operating in the most cost-effective and competitive manner, today and into the future.


We know that retaining IT resources is a big challenge. They leave for greater opportunities and lesser aggravation. As a managed service partner, the Razor’s Edge Value Model is designed to help you provide those better opportunities within your organization and relieve them of the burdens that cause the greatest frustrations.

The Razor’s Edge Value Model is not designed to displace internal resources. It is designed to help them develop the specialized skill sets that have the greatest future value to themselves, your organization, and most importantly, your customers.


As your organization grows, our model allows you to scale without adding internal maintenance and support resources.

The Razor’s Edge Value Model serves
two primary priorities for our clients.


Growth is at the core of all business objectives and it’s the most important reason for choosing a managed service provider.

Your ability to grow and outmaneuver competitor organizations cannot be hampered by an IT infrastructure that is outdated, financially inhibiting, poorly integrated, or at grave risk of being compromised.

Two of the greatest challenges faced by organizations are keeping up with increasing IT complexity and finding and keeping the internal resources necessary to maintain and scale an IT infrastructure that not only sustains growth but also enables it. To overcome those two challenges, you need an experienced managed services partner who can align with your organizational goals for growth, assimilate with your culture, and adapt to whatever blend of strategy, service, and support you need. The Razor Value Model is designed to lift the burden of general maintenance and support from your internal resources and allow them to develop their skills sets in areas that better position your organization for greater growth, through innovation, optimization, and modernization. By enabling your internal resources to grow their more valuable skill sets, you can reduce the risk of turnover.

Cost Control

Controlling IT costs is a challenge and accurate budget planning is nearly impossible in a traditional in-house model for a variety of reasons; security issues arise, hard drives crash, servers go down, your workforce expands, compliance regulations change, infrastructures become outdated.

These issues arise unexpectedly and the cost of managing your IT department increases without warning. With an MSP partner, cost structures are more predictable and your IT is managed to a longer-term strategy that mitigates much of the risk and reduces much of the unexpected costs.

To serve these primary client priorities, our value model is built upon the 4 key areas of strategy, integration, infrastructure, and support with a constant focus on key strategies for success: predictability & standardization, protection & scalability, productivity & optimization, and innovation & modernization. All of our individual service components are configured to support these strategies for helping our clients drive growth and control costs.

The following graphic shows the enormity of the responsibilities that fall upon IT resources.


In most organizations, the burden of support and infrastructure requires a disproportionate amount of time and energy, leaving little time to focus on the imperative areas of strategy and integration to achieve greater cost control and support growth. Razor Technology not only lifts the burden of support and infrastructure from your internal team,  we also offer business consulting and support services for strategy and integration initiatives that position your organization to grow and scale. Your internal resources can focus on developing the expertise that makes them a specifically valuable asset to your business while we manage the day to day and advise them on emerging technologies and proven best practices.

Predictability & Standardization

Thoughtful technology planning and a sustained effort to standardize hardware, software, policies, and processes reduce the cost and complexity of managing your IT infrastructure and afford you a significant competitive advantage.

It moves your organization away from a time consuming and reactive break-fix cycle and advances you to a more predictable and proactive approach to building and scaling your infrastructure. A standardized IT environment eases the burden of IT support in all core areas. It providers consistency, improves efficiency in resolving technical issues, and increases employee productivity by reducing downtime. It normalizes IT expenses while establishing an infrastructure that allows your organization to be agile and productive with limited disruption. As a baseline for our MSP engagements, we have a clearly defined process for gathering information on your current hardware, software, and any processes already documented. From there, we work through a long-range plan for standardization in all areas.

Protection & Scalability

As valuable as data can be, it is also a tremendous liability and risk.

If not properly secured, protected and backed up, you could face legal expenses for compromised data, be at the mercy of hackers who hold your vital data hostage for a ransom, or just simply lose it to a disaster that wipes it away. We leverage industry best practices to ensure that this valuable asset is safeguarded at all times. Business continuity planning is imperative for modern business operations. System failures, ransomware attacks, and natural disasters are all very real risks to any organization. Backups have to be systematic, redundant, current, and easily deployed to get your business up and running after a disruption. IT needs can change quickly. Growing organizations need to be nimble and able to scale without delay. Outdated infrastructure or lack of expertise in modern technology solutions can hinder the ability to remain agile and competitive. As your trusted MSP, we constantly plan for improvement and infrastructures that can expand with your business.


As an MSP partner, we help improve productivity in several ways.

If you maintain some level of internal IT staff, our service model fills gaps within existing skill sets, allows your resources to focus on developing their expertise in your business-specific needs, and concentrate on the bigger picture of helping the organization innovate and grow. We handle recurring issues that allow your broader workforce to deliver uninterrupted productivity and also provide high-level strategic guidance as your plan and develop future technology needs to enhance your organizational output. IT resources are increasingly harder to find and keep. They leave in search of greater challenges, opportunities, or they simply feel overwhelmed. Whether you have one internal resource or a team, the reality of someone leaving is a constant vulnerability for nearly any organization. Integrating outsourced resources into your people strategy allows you to focus your most essential internal resources on the assignments that best utilize their skill sets to help drive growth for themselves and your organization.

Innovation & Modernization

With limited internal resources constantly encumbered by the day to day needs of supporting your IT infrastructure, innovation can quickly stagnate within your organization.

There simply isn’t time to stay on top of new technology, build the required skill sets, and strategically plan for ways to better utilize data and analytics, develop specialized applications, or appropriately plan for future needs. This hinders your ability to be competitive and it opens the door for other organizations to outperform you. We work with your senior-level team members to bring the best solutions and strategies to the forefront of future planning. Instead of being reactive, we allow your organization to be proactive.

As businesses and organizations continue to migrate to the cloud for everything from infrastructure to office productivity tools, the demand for IT modernization is ever increasing and constantly changing. The amount of data collected, stored, accessed, and analyzed grows dramatically every year. Workforces grow and become increasingly remote. The volume and type of devices accessing networks are constantly expanding. Security attacks become more sophisticated and to combat them security planning and protection have to be ahead of the curve. From supporting the modern workforce to meeting the demands of the modern marketplace, modernizing your IT infrastructure is a never-ending endeavor and as an MSP partner, Razor Technology leads that charge for our clients every day to ensure that they are in a position to remain resilient in their current state and well prepared for future growth.

The Razor’s Edge Value Model can be configured to include fully managed or co-managed services. It can range from strategic assessments and consulting to infrastructure maintenance and help desk support. Our ultimate goal as an MSP partner is to put our dedicated team in a position to shape and support your organizational growth.

To learn more about the Razor’s Edge Value Model and how we can help your organization grow and control IT costs, contact us to schedule a preliminary assessment of your needs.