Microsoft 365

Stay Agile, Control Costs, Enhance Productivity, and Secure Your Team by Migrating to Microsoft 365

The market leading path to a modern workplace, Microsoft 365, is a fast, intuitive, secure, and incredibly powerful all-in-one, subscription-based solution. Microsoft 365 combines the world’s most popular operating system, Windows 10, with Microsoft’s industry standard productivity suite, Office 365.

What our customers need today

Saving costs on remote work

Cut out non-essential business expenses

Deliver new methods of secure workforce efficiency

More Billing Predictability

Organizations of all sizes, across a range of industries say what appeals to them most about Microsoft’s platform is a predictable billing structure that scales to their usage and helps them control costs.

Think of how many different products and services it would take to replace Microsoft 365. You would need a:

  • Business-grade email service
  • Office productivity suite
  • Cloud storage provider
  • Calendaring and scheduling app
  • Task management solution
  • Remote team collaboration platform

With Microsoft 365, everything is built to work seamlessly together, and because costs are tied to usage, you only ever pay for what you actually need. Plus, Microsoft manages all patches, upgrades, and new feature additions, so you only ever have to migrate once.

Collaborate and Communicate Securely… From Anywhere

It’s time to rethink productivity. Microsoft 365 isn’t just a better way to get work done, it’s a holistic framework for ensuring your team has the tools they need, the support networks to answer their pressing tech questions, and the flexibility to get even the most critical tasks done in-office, at home, or just about anywhere.

And, because data security is a top concern today, Microsoft includes industry-leading tools and support for preventing and recovering from data breaches and losses:

  • Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Email Scanning
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Microsoft’s Data Loss Prevention Policy
  • Mobile Device Management

How Microsoft 365 can help you enable remote work

Enable people and teams be productive from anywhere

Enable people to meet and collaborate from home

Inform and engage employees & customers

Make productivity applications available on any device

Work confidently with Surface & partner devices

Manage and secure access to apps, data, and devices

Secure remote access to applications

Secure managed and unmanaged devices

Deliver the best virtual desktop experiences

Streamline Your IT

Today, with Microsoft 365, IT administrators can manage their business platforms to tailor them in real time to how your business runs. Scalability is built in. You can adjust the number of licensed users, the tools and platforms available to them, and even their data storage limitations.

When you migrate to Microsoft 365 it won’t just be your frontline workforce benefiting, your IT support staff will appreciate the greater control and ease of management built into Microsoft’s secure and integrated platform.

Data migration doesn’t have to be complicated. We will work with you and your team to educate you on your new cloud solution.

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