Virtual Storage

Deploy new virtual machines and provision storage to quickly respond to changing business needs.

A leading virtual storage provider, Razor Technology can slash your provisioning time by up to 40% with no impact on servers with our nearly instant, low overhead virtual storage solutions. Shorten test and development cycles from weeks to minutes by instantaneously cloning your virtual machines and repurposing storage capacity between projects. Quickly adapt to unexpected storage demands with real-time scalability and the flexibility to support any future SAN or NAS projects (FC, iSCSI, NFS, or CIFS).

Manage Risk

Protect your virtual infrastructure and data with near-instantaneous backup and recovery that doesn’t impact performance. As a provider of virtual storage solutions, Razor Technology can help you recover virtual machines twice as fast as our competitors in VMware environments. Protect more of your data affordably while delivering higher levels of application availability with our network and storage efficient disaster recovery solutions. Speed up your ability to fail over and perform frequent non-disruptive testing of disaster recovery through our integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager.

Maximize Storage Utilization

Our data storage solutions for virtual server and desktop environments eliminate data duplication requirements across your primary, backup, and archival storage, reducing your virtualized storage requirements by 50% to 90%. Thin provisioning can increase average storage utilization above 70% while Snapshot™ technology can reduce storage for backups. Reductions of up to 50% are possible across your power, space, and cooling requirements.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Empower your virtualization administrator to manage storage for virtual machines from provisioning to data protection through policies established by the storage administrator. Ensure recovery of your VM’s critical data with the application of consistent, non-disruptive backups.

Quickly Move from Physical to Virtual

Smoothly transition to your optimal infrastructure with our specialized virtualization services. From assessment and implementation to complete management services, our experienced and certified professionals use proven methodologies and best practices to help get you where you want to be – efficiently and with no surprises. Razor Technology is a provider of Virtual Environments – Backup, Restore & Disaster Recovery services.

Eliminate Backup Windows

Speed up the backup process with our hot backup mode. You’ll get virtual machine-consistent backups (for fast, granular recovery) without affecting performance.

Increase Performance

Increase performance and improve server utilization for your application workloads by eliminating interruptions caused by traditional backups and restores.

Protect More Data

As providers of remote data mirroring technology, Razor Technology offers cost-effective disaster recovery that protects more of your critical data by replicating data stores to lower-cost secondary sites.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the development and maintenance costs for customized backup scripts by using our automated policies.

If you’ve already implemented virtual storage solutions and are looking to create more efficiencies in your environment, add additional layers of virtualization with our virtual server solutions and virtual desktop technology. By leveraging a fully virtualized infrastructure, you realize a significant boost in flexibility and maximize cost savings.


Learn how Razor Tech centralized and virtualized a leading food retailer’s storage infrastructure

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