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Manage and control desktops from one centralized location.

Telecommuting on the Rise

Businesses across industries are realizing the numerous benefits remote working offers. Employees can achieve a better work/life balance, and companies can hire star employees who are located far away all while cutting down on unnecessary costs. It’s a true win-win situation.

Some companies, however, struggle to implement a remote working policy, especially when they lack the tools they need to be successful. When companies rely on outdated technology or software, remote working can result in miscommunication and a significant drop in productivity. Employees may feel disconnected and fall behind in their tasks.

Support Workplace Mobility

If your business is shifting to an increasingly remote workforce, virtual desktop technology is critical to your ongoing success. Virtualization desktop software offers an agile solution that supports workplace mobility and improves remote employees’ performance.

By implementing virtual desktop technology, your company can host desktops inside virtual machines running on centralized servers in a data center using technologies such as VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Employees can access virtual desktops remotely from a traditional PC, thin-client or re-purposed computer using a remote display protocol.

Streamline Workplace Communication

Virtual desktop technology allows your employees to stay connected on the go, fostering collaboration in the workplace and streamlining communication. Whether they’re working from home, on the road or attending a work conference, desktop virtualization provides employees direct access to business desktops from multiple devices, such as their smartphone, tablet or home computer. All your employees need is an internet connection to access their desktop remotely.

This technology unlocks limitless potential for growth and allows employees to work more productively. No longer are employees required to work at a desk or in a cubicle. Desktop virtualization delivers the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Enhance Data Security

Desktop virtualization allows for a more secure and flexible desktop delivery model. Rather than saving data on an employee’s device, all business data is saved in a data center. If an employee’s device is lost, virtual desktop technology lowers the chances of sensitive business data being compromised or retrieved. And employees can still access critical data and services by logging into another device. Virtual desktop technology enables you to:

  • Manage and secure desktop technology from one central location, simplifying desktop installations, backups and maintenance
  • Control access to sensitive business data and intellectual property by maintaining information in a secure data center
  • Provide individual, isolated and fully personalized virtual desktops to employees that look and feel like their traditional desktop technology
  • Enjoy the benefits of server-based computing without the limitations of shared services technologies or the application integration hassles

Adopting virtual desktop technology is just one way you can dramatically improve the efficiency of your
IT environment. Razor Technology also offers virtual server solutions and managed cloud services to
help your business build a mature IT infrastructure.


Learn how Razor Tech centralized and virtualized a leading food retailer’s storage infrastructure

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