Maximize the flexibility and scalability of your IT infrastructure.

Business expansion can be a double-edged sword. While new business opportunities and rapid growth are surefire signs of a successful and thriving business, they can also lead to growing pains, increased pressures on your employees, and the significant burden of configuring and installing new technology.

As data capacity and business demands increase, businesses must scale up their storage and expand their existing infrastructure. And if your business relies on an in-house technology solution, this turns into a time-consuming and expensive process requiring large, upfront investments.

Increase Agility & Reduce Costs

By implementing virtualization technology, your business realizes significant cost savings and adds layers of flexibility and agility to your IT department. Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual version of business-critical systems or resources, including networks, storage device, desktops and servers. Virtualization software offers companies the opportunity to improve business continuity, scale IT assets and ensure uptime – all while reducing total costs of operation and IT capital expenses. Your business can maximize resources, create new efficiencies and get more out of your hardware investment.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Server virtualization is the most common form of virtualization technology. Physical servers are designed to run only one operating system or application at a time, meaning your business has to deploy many servers. In a virtualized environment, however, your business can run multiple operating systems or applications on the same physical hardware, all with access to the server’s resources. This enables increased application performance and reduced costs.

Virtualization is Not the Cloud

Virtualization is often confused with cloud computing, but there are key differences between the two solutions. With virtualization technology, your business still oversees and updates on-site hardware. But, unlike traditional data centers, these virtual machines can handle larger workloads to maximize efficiency and increase responsiveness. Because virtualization technology is dedicated to a single organization, you can customize the solution to your unique requirements.

In contrast, enterprise cloud services automate the entire process and eliminate a high percentage of maintenance and operational tasks associated with on-premises equipment. Your equipment lives off-site and is maintained by a third-party provider. Essentially, cloud solutions allow you to offload your IT responsibilities to a trusted and experienced provider.

Whether you should adopt a cloud solution or virtualization technology depends on your business, budget, resources and specific demands. Both solutions offer powerful benefits and opportunities to develop a mature IT environment. By tapping into the expertise of a solutions provider, you can develop a customized solution tailored to your requirements and gain critical insight into the right technologies for your business.

Partnering with a leading virtualization provider and virtual storage provider such as Razor Technology allows you to mix current technology investments with a virtual environment. You strengthen your IT operations while improving performance and bottom line costs. Our comprehensive offering of virtualization technology encompasses virtual storage, virtual desktop technology and virtual server solutions to empower your business to drive new efficiencies and minimize expenses.

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Learn how Razor Tech centralized and virtualized a leading food retailer’s storage infrastructure.

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