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Razor’s team of solution architects and system engineers can analyze the proper viability of your existing server system investments.

Server Practice

At Razor Technology, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-class servers to manage today’s technology infrastructure, from standard server hardware/server software integrations to intricate, large-scale, mission-critical server deployments. Whether you are looking to deploy standalone rack-based servers or ultra-high-density blade-based chassis, we have both the knowledge and experience to design, configure, and deploy modern server installations.

Razor’s team of solution architects and system engineers can analyze the viability of your existing server system investments. Partnering with your team, we will determine the best course of action for optimized application and system deployment. Whether your goals are continued growth of business applications, recovery time improvements, high availability, disaster recovery, or business continuance, Razor Technology can help with the system-planning requirements for your business needs.

We can help with

  • Mission-critical server installation
  • High-availability server clustering
  • Standalone vs. blade recommendations
  • Server consolidation
  • High-performance computing
  • Hadoop configurations
  • System optimization — performance tuning
  • Unix & Linux administration
  • Virtualization — systems
  • Server orchestration and system automation

High Performance Computing

Our HPC server offerings provide highly available, on-demand solutions for users looking to meet the most compute-intensive requirements. Typical deployments include computation-intensive projects such as data mining, numerical and seismic analysis, complex 3D rendering, and big data analytics.

Combining the latest in high-performance server platforms with low-latency networking, such as 10GB/40GB Ethernet and/or Infiniband, enables end-to-end HPC solutions to deliver high performance, flexibility, and resilience.

Storage Solutions

In today’s “information economy,” organizations depend upon their ability to store, retrieve, manipulate, share, and manage data in a highly available and secure environment.

Typical challenges being faced by storage management teams:

  • Growing data, both application and machine generated
  • Ever-changing compliance mandates
  • Disparate storage subsystems
  • Multi-vendor computing environments
  • Wasted storage resources
  • Inefficiently used data center floor space
  • Difficult data-migration procedures
  • Sluggish system performance
  • Underdeveloped disaster-recovery capabilities

While the need for stored information is soaring, IT resources and budgets are not. Our experts can enhance control of your storage resources, maximize availability and access, and improve your total cost of ownership. Whether you need to deploy and provision additional storage capacities, or you are looking for increased levels of capacity utilization, our professionals can assist you in determining what solutions will best meet your objectives. Our approach will help reduce the cost of managing a demanding storage infrastructure by addressing not only the acquisition but all of the ancillary costs that make up the storage infrastructure.

We’ll help you determine which technologies and solutions are best suited to address your business needs and deliver the best return on assets and return on IT investment.

Sample project experience:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Converged network planning and rollout
  • Storage optimization and consolidation
  • Storage virtualization
  • Integrating data security and compliance into data-storage strategies
  • Storage design and architecture
  • Data-migration services
  • Storage audits and assessments
  • Data recovery and backup


Big Data World

Big Data Solutions

Our Big Data Solutions incorporate best-of-breed vendor platforms combined with expertise in design, deployment, and both short- and long-term management options.

Tenets of Big Data:

  • Traditional data models think in terms of gigabytes and terabytes; Big Data thinks on a scale of petabytes and exabytes.
  • Traditional data models favor centralization; Big Data favors a distributed approach.
  • Traditional data models are structured; Big Data is semi-structured or unstructured.
  • Traditional data models have many known intricate relationships; Big Data has fewer and less intricate relationships.

Razor Technology understands that Big Data breaks many of the traditional rules of enterprise storage management. As a result, our experienced team deploys proven solutions that successfully tackle the challenges associated with Big Data.

Learn how Razor Tech helped a leading food retailer conquer its storage challenges.

We can help you develop a storage solution
that works for you.

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