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Razor Technology offers comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure your data is protected and easily recoverable.

Data is the Lifeblood of Your Business

Data is your most valuable asset. When businesses lose their critical data, they suffer significant financial and productivity losses. The side effects of data loss are extensive: damaged reputation, massive downtime, loss of clients, fines, government scrutiny and other intangible costs. And some companies never fully bounce back from data loss or downtime.

No business is immune to data loss. Companies in all industries and of all sizes are vulnerable to a range of security threats. Hackers indiscriminately target businesses. Critical data becomes corrupted. Sensitive data is accidentally deleted all the time. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, flood or fire, disaster can strike at any time and with no warning.

Disaster can destroy your business’s reputation and hurt your bottom line. It can lead to a significant drop in employee morale and, in turn, increased turnover. Fortunately, businesses can prepare ahead of time and ensure their data is easily recoverable.

Protect your data

Protect Your Critical Business Data

Implement a solid backup and recovery plan and improve your chances of avoiding catastrophic data loss. Razor Technology offers backup and disaster recovery services for small businesses, midsize companies and large enterprises. Our backup and recovery services safeguard your data against the most common causes of data loss: human error, hardware failures, database corruptions, hackers and even natural disasters. Our proven solutions enable your business to work more efficiently and restore critical data and services when you need them most.

You can secure ongoing uptime of data and applications and resume operations rapidly after a natural or man-made disaster. What’s more, our optimized approach protects data wherever it resides: physical, virtual or in the cloud. You’ll be up and running in no time with no lasting damage to the overall health of your infrastructure and business.

Built on a unified platform, our software suite is equipped with a robust collection of data management capabilities.

We provide enterprise backup and disaster recovery software and appliances, disk-to-disk backup, deduplication, e-discovery, and off-site data vaulting services. You can replace your legacy backup solution and implement our services in days, not weeks. And just a single pane of glass allows you to easily perform all of your data management tasks with the following advantages:

  • Reduce data protection costs by as much as 50 percent with advanced source side deduplication
  • Cut backup window by 50 percent
  • Streamline the data and application backup and recovery processes
  • Reduce data volume transferred across your network
  • Empower application owners to manage and control backup and recovery services
  • Maximize data protection with cloud storage connectors


While backup and disaster recovery solutions play an essential role in protecting your sensitive data, they are only one piece of an intricate and comprehensive technology solution. A world-class enterprise and managed cloud services provider, Razor Technology offers a full suite of cloud and technology solutions to ease the burden on your IT staff and address your unique challenges.

Learn how an insurance company secured uptime of their custom quotation system.

Razor’s team of solution architects and system engineers can analyze the proper viability of your existing server system investments. Let’s Talk.

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