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Razor’s team of solution architects and system engineers will address the complete security lifecycle for your organization.

Information has never before been so complex or important. To that end, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of IT security solutions to help our clients in today’s challenging times. We’re ready to help our clients manage risk, meet compliance standards, and maintain operational efficiency in each of the following areas:

Firewall Solutions

Traditional firewall solutions have always been hyper-focused on the perimeter of the network. But with today’s virtual infrastructures, DMZ’s, partners, mobile devices, and Internet-facing services, firewalls have become a strategy and architecture in their own right. Razor Technology has a proven ability to evaluate your network’s traffic patterns and match that up with your true business needs; securing access to data while keeping performance levels intact.

Network Security and Vulnerability Assessment

Customer SLAs, regulations, litigation, data integrity, and profit margins — all of these are reasons to constantly and regularly evaluate your network. Razor Technology offers various levels of Network Security and Vulnerability assessments. A formal and repeatable internal network scan will give you a current state snapshot of your internal security posture, while also providing deltas over time. Adding on additional features, such as External, External Blind, and Razor Audit, will allow your company to ensure that your assets are protected from the diverse set of threats originating from both externally and internally.

Razor Technology has developed a comprehensive Data Security Portfolio with best in class practices in Firewall Protection, Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Data Encryption and Data Governance.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

A network is never truly secure. Threats are constantly evolving in both frequency and severity. The tools that Razor Technology utilizes to not only identify those threats, but also to stop them in their tracks, are among the most sophisticated in the industry. An important component of any IDS/IPS architecture is the ability for those tools to quickly adapt to new threats, alert the appropriate group, and provide the most usable information. By acting quickly and significantly, reducing the number of false-positives, you can be assured that your IDS/IPS systems are providing you the value you need to protect your assets.

Data Encryption

Data is everywhere — and it is constantly growing. How much is your data worth? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? Company data is THE asset to protect, and it is often times extremely difficult and costly to do so. As the infrastructure and applications become more complex, so do the ways in which we communicate with that data. Razor Technology has the proven experience to protect your data, whether it be at rest, archive, in flight, or in the mobile space.

Threat Prevention

Dealing with threats on the network is just a small piece of dealing with threats across the enterprise. Email, file transfers, social engineering, phone scams, and even rogue employees are all pieces of the total threat picture. Let Razor Technology help with addressing the many components of the total threat picture.

Data Governance

Is your data classified? Do you control who accesses various levels of your data? Is access to your data logged and audited? Is PII data leaving your enterprise without authorization? These are just a few of the questions that anyone in a regulated environment should be asking. Let Razor Technology guide you through building a strong and robust data governance plan tailored to your enterprise.

Protect your sensitive business data from a diverse set of threats.

We can help ensure the security of your critical data no matter where is resides. Send us a message.

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