Razor FlexCloud

Free yourself of the constraints of being locked into a single application environment, and create a true service-oriented organization.

Challenges of the Modern IT Organization


Your IT resources are overwhelmed by the immediate and often conflicting needs of the organization. It’s taking you weeks or longer to fulfill requests that are expected within days. Your lead times are increasing, and customers are frustrated.

Shadow IT

To avoid lengthy lead times, internal business units are going outside of the regular approval process and are acquiring and deploying their own IT resources. You’re not sure what’s out there, and how it may be putting your business at risk.


You’re locked into a specific vendor ecosystem, and want the flexibility to integrate other services and applications. But you’re struggling to develop an infrastructure roadmap that would be compatible.

Razor FlexCloud Products

The Razor FlexCloud is a platform for quickly and easily deploying and managing multi-cloud environments. Stop taking weeks to fulfill customer requests. Now, IT departments and end users can deploy virtual environments in only minutes via an easy-to-use self service portal. 

Cloud Builder

The Cloud Builder enables push-button deployment of OpenStack/Hadoop multi-cloud environments with minimal user expertise. Private and hybrid cloud environments can be quickly setup at any scale.

FlexCloud Manager

The FlexCloud Manager helps you analyze and understand your current resource utilization.

RazorFlex Cloud Use Cases
  • Build private and hybrid clouds
  • Quickly deploy test and development environments
  • Setup OpenStack environments at the push of a button without the need for expensive OpenStack talent
  • Control resource ballooning and gain cloud or virtual environment capacity on demand during high usage cycles

Learn how relocating to the cloud will ease the burden on your IT staff.

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