Managed Cloud Services

Don’t have sufficient resources or expertise to properly oversee your IT infrastructure? Businesses can offload different responsibilities of their computer networks using our Managed Services.

Nearly every business requires multiple systems to support critical business processes. Overseeing and continuously updating these systems, however, can significantly drain a business’s resources and time, especially if your business is working with limited IT staff or funds.

Is your business lacking sufficient resources to properly oversee your IT infrastructure? By relying on the expertise and custom solutions of a managed cloud services provider like Razor Technology, your business can tap into the resources of the cloud while avoiding the pains of hiring in-house experts. You can offload a myriad of network and technology responsibilities to a trusted, knowledgeable provider.

Razor Technology can proactively maintain your IT infrastructure to prevent issues and optimize operations. With our multi-tiered approach to managed services, you can be certain that your environment is continuously monitored, supported, and protected.


icon-small-backup Storage

Founded in the storage space, Razor Technology has relationships with all of the top vendors. Understanding which approaches work best for different scenarios, we’ve created new solutions to address incredibly specific client needs. Our ability to monitor and manage the business storage environment is second to none. We not only alert you to potential issues, but assist in planning for future growth.

icon-small-backup Network

Businesses should be more focused on managing growth than their computer networks. Our highly experienced network engineers can monitor and manage your organization’s network components, covering everything from basic configuration changes to ongoing migration and expansion projects. With 24x7 monitoring availability, you are assured that your network is in the hands of experts.

icon-small-backup Servers

Are your servers physical or virtual? Windows or Linux? Intel, Sparc or Power? It doesn’t matter. What does matter is efficiency and performance. With Razor Technology managing your server infrastructure, you have the expertise needed to address any “in-the-trenches” issues. Failed drives, bad memory, CPU utilization and service failures are just a few of the problems that occur daily in the production environment. Let Razor Technology be your first line of defense, as well as your link to the OEMs for quick resolution when problems do occur.

icon-small-backup Consulting

To ensure your IT environment continues to run smoothly as your business requirements change and grow, Razor Technology offers regularly scheduled on-site consulting services that allow your team to draw on our expertise when and where they need it. Razor Technology’s SMEs will participate in your planning sessions and project meetings to provide unbiased information and opinions based on real-world experience.

icon-small-backup Backup and Recovery

In addition to offering best-of-breed, cloud-based backup services, Razor Technology can monitor and manage your current, on-premises backup solution, including tape, disk, dailies, and archive. From the host through the final data location, we can monitor and manage your BRS environment, assuring data is securely and reliably backed up so it is available when you need it most.

In addition to managed IT services for small businesses, Razor Technology offers a large breadth of solutions for companies in all industries. Cover all bases and protect your critical business data from a host of threats by implementing our comprehensive disaster recovery as a service or cloud backup services.

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Rely on the expertise of a trustworthy and knowledgeable cloud solution advisor.