What Are IT Managed Services, And Why Should You Care?

In a perfect world, your IT department would be running like a well-oiled machine. Your IT staff would have unlimited time, resources and budget to work with. They would answer calls and resolve small issues like software updates and virus checks in no time. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case (but we’ll keep on dreaming).

IT departments at companies of all sizes, from the startup to the large enterprise, are playing a constant catch-up game. On top of updates, viruses, crashes, etc., IT staff must continuously update and manage their IT infrastructure, including desktops, servers, networks and more.

If your IT professionals are feeling exhausted, stressed and just plain frustrated with their massive workload, there is an alternative. An IT managed services provider can take IT management off of your hands and save your employees time and headaches.

What Are IT Managed Services?

First things first, what is IT managed services? Before you can decide if IT managed services makes sense for your company, you have to gain a deeper understanding of how it works.

An IT managed services provider will proactively maintain your IT infrastructure to prevent issues and streamline operations. They’ll ensure your IT environment continues to run smoothly as your business grows. Think of your IT managed services provider as a partner in your success – they’ll develop custom solutions to solve your toughest IT challenges.

The IT services provider you ultimately decide on depends on your business’s specific requirements. There is a range of managed services available in the market:

1) Storage

Are you experiencing the growing pains of Big Data? Is your budget shrinking as data needs are multiplying? By 2020, the data we create annually will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes. If you’re inundated with massive amounts of data, an IT managed services provider can help you monitor and manage your company’s storage environment. Not only will they alert you to potential issues, but they will also help you prepare for long-term business growth.

2) Network

Is your IT staff dealing with network issues on a weekly or even daily basis? Are they constantly troubleshooting and upgrading aging networks? If network management is a source of frustration for your IT department, consider offloading these responsibilities to an experienced and reliable IT managed services provider.

The right IT services provider can help you better manage all of your company’s network components. They can assist you with basic configuration changes, migrations, expansion projects and more. The best providers will even offer 24×7 availability, so you are assured that your network is receiving the attention it deserves.

3) Backup & Recovery

When disaster strikes or the power fails, is your data safe and secure? Can you quickly and securely recover business-critical data and services when you need them most? By relying on the expertise and knowledge of your IT services professional, you can ensure your data is securely and reliably backed up on a regular basis. They’ll monitor your current, on-premises backup solution including tape, disk and archive.

Partnering with an IT managed services provider delivers peace of mind by ensuring your environment is in capable hands. Your provider will offer IT support and constant vigilance, allowing your IT department to focus on what matters most – the continued growth of your business.

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