The Hybrid Cloud: The Secret to Success You Already Have

When managing your business’s IT, decisions have to be made. From selecting the software and systems required for smooth business operations, to properly training staff for navigating emerging challenges and threats, there’s a multitude of factors to consider to ensure your business’s IT plan is airtight. Possibly the most important aspect to consider for effective IT management is the management itself. Your IT management style can either be reactive or proactive; both are drastically different approaches to handling problems and opportunities. While both have their place contextually, one style is much more valuable for a business that wishes to use the power of IT to its advantage.

What’s holding you back from migrating to the cloud? Old habits, budget constraints, or other priorities? The truth is, there are many reasons why business leaders remain indecisive about adopting the cloud, but until you uncover the truth about cloud cost savings and the big advantages it brings, you’re holding your entire company back from improving sales, working better together, and keeping pace with competitors.

Although you may not be as behind in the game as you think. Your current cloud migration goal could be at a standstill, but did you know that you’re likely already using some version of a hybrid cloud to run your business?

Hybrid cloud lets companies shift workloads between on-premises, public, and private clouds as their needs change, running workloads in whatever environment makes the most sense for a given function. A hybrid approach is something that businesses of all sizes and structures can benefit from; a small company with no capital costs and a lower budget can use the cloud just as successfully as a larger business to be more cost-effective and make room for growth.

Once you recognize the clouds all around you, moving other operations and security improvements to the cloud isn’t an overwhelming or completely new venture and can be done quickly and painlessly with a skilled managed service provider.

Are You Hybrid Without Even Knowing It?

The hybrid cloud is an easy way to link some operations to the cloud, and it often looks like a team using a mix of devices and online tools to get the job done. You’re using a hybrid cloud approach to address business needs if:

  • You back up company devices via tools like iCloud, OneDrive and Dropbox
  • You leverage social media platforms for content distribution
  • You make the most of applications and networks like Webex, Slack or Microsoft Teams for communication
  • You use email, Office 365, Google Applications, and other cloud-based services

Why Move More to the Cloud?

Moving to the cloud is a key step in digital transformation, which brings business out of the shadows to better compete in the world of IoT and advanced technology. But the move doesn’t have to be a complex to-do, especially if you realize that some core functions are already in the cloud. One big reason to shed your traditional ways is the fact that you’ll no longer need to update server hardware and swap out for newer technology when you need more power or room for growth. Hardware and licensing costs are on the rise in 2019 and placing resources in the cloud keeps things up-to-date and easily managed without worrying about expiration dates.

Hybrid clouds also make it easy to expand your team, create and support an off-site workforce, attract high-quality employees, and offer more flexibility for everyone. Centralized protocols, single sign-ons, multi-factor authentication and expanded access through the cloud makes all this possible. And with the potential data storage that the cloud grants, your business can become nimble with data, responding quickly to change to experience fewer growing pains.

“Choosing a cloud service provider is less about either/or and more about getting the best of both worlds. Some customers have diverse requirements that should be met with best-of-breed solutions, and some have challenges and objectives that can be met with extra IT help and simple solutions. Each type of cloud and service provider is right for any business—the question is simply what services you decide to subscribe to and what goals you want to achieve.”

– Tom Reynolds, Director of Operations at Razor Technology

A Hybrid Cloud Case Study

An end-to-end managed service provider can help you weigh and fine-tune all aspects of your cloud initiative, from scoping and scaling to  allocating bandwidth to fit your business’s needs. Here’s how Razor Technology helped a business move more of their core operations into a hybrid environment to make room for future-proof initiatives and growth.

The Challenge: A local manufacturing company seeing accelerated growth was weighed down by its IT operations, dragging antiquated hardware behind a successful team. This old environment meant that the company was unable to keep up with changing needs, and in order to become more cost-efficient and stay relevant in the market without slipping back, it needed to expand.

The Fix: The company made a smart move, leaning on the experts at Razor Technology to bring shape to a painless and effective hybrid cloud migration. To find a best-fit solution, Razor began by analyzing:

  • All of the company’s businesses and understanding who they are at the core
  • The company’s business operations
  • The company’s growth strategy
  • The company’s IT technology and environment

This helped Razor identify the most essential technologies that each team member needed to do their job. From there, a series of cloud applications was used to mimic and streamline core business operations, which allowed for:

  • Improved file management that boosted analytics and allowed more room for growth
  • Easily leveraged terminal services
  • Enhanced employee connection and BYOD use
  • Simple single sign-on for improved data security and ease of access
  • Time savings and improved customer retention

The Result: Because the manufacturing firm chose an experienced managed solution provider that offered the services and support matching its needs and IT maturity, the two partners arrived at the perfect solution quickly and painlessly. With an IT relationship built on trust, the company was able to:

  • Add additional qualified staff that allowed them to expand their service offerings
  • Save money through the hybrid cloud and ditch the hassles of updating hardware
  • Grow the business at a more rapid rate, winning key deals due to quick IT returns

Get a Cloud Readiness Assessment

At Razor Technology, the hybrid cloud is something that we shape around your business needs—not the other way around. Discover cloud options that work right for you with a free cloud readiness assessment. In this assessment, we take a peek at your existing IT environment and long-term objectives to show you exactly how the cloud can help. Contact us today to schedule your free cloud readiness assessment.


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