Secondary Storage: The Smart Solution for Data, Recovery, & Growth

Much like hyperconvergence, secondary storage is gaining popularity in the IT market and among smart business leaders because it fills a key gap in the host of solutions that businesses need to ultimately stay competitive and growth-oriented. More secondary storage solution providers are seeing success because what they offer leaders from companies of all sizes is the opportunity to enhance their IT environment to introduce new efficiencies, keep up with the pace of technology, scale their business, and find new ways to grow.

So what is secondary storage and how can it help your business? We’ll break down the basics so you can decide if it’s a smart solution worth investing in to keep your business safe and steadily growing.

What is Secondary Storage?

Secondary storage rolls non-primary storage tasks and data protection into one platform. It encourages decision-makers to stop focusing all of their efforts on backup and begin prioritizing recovery. Backing up your data is important, but recovering vital business data quickly and successfully after a disaster of any size is what should drive your storage strategy. Some tech savvy professionals are rethinking the way they do backup without realizing that secondary storage solutions bring along with them the opportunity to improve these backup processes and extend their use to other areas of an environment.

Previously, IT professionals and business leaders referred to stored backup data only in recovery mode, dedicating all their time to backing up and rarely using the data for anything besides recovery. Secondary storage solutions let you automate backup efforts, reduce workloads and do new things with your data. Use backups to run development tasks, conduct disaster recovery tests, and more. Rather than creating a single hard backup copy in the case of emergencies, you’ll be creating more copies that have real functionality.

What Secondary Storage Can Offer You

  • Quickly and easily duplicated data and direct use
  • Functional data backups used to enhance business operations
  • Improved testing and data management operations
  • Reduced data backup and recovery workload and resource use
  • Online access to backups for more than archive storage
  • A next-generation storage platform and partner
  • A chance to overcome disruption and change intelligently

What Solutions Are Available?

Technology services companies are giving secondary storage a great name with options that offer a lot of choice and a simple user interface for self-service. These solutions are typically available through your IT solutions partner.


Rubrik is a leader in cloud data management and the creator of the first platform to orchestrate data for hybrid cloud enterprises. Their take on secondary storage prioritizes fast and future-proof features and emphasizes instant recoveries and hands-free data management. Their platform combines backup, recovery, replication, search analytics, archiving, and copy data management.


Cohesity brings web-scale simplicity to secondary storage to “streamline backup and data protection, converge file and object services, quickly deliver test/dev instances, and provide analytic functions on a single, global data store.” The company has several products, with their flagship product Cohesity DataPlatform offering backup, archiving, analytics, deduplication, compression, encryption, tiering, and more.

Why Should You Get Started?

If you’re not getting anything out of your current backup solutions and efforts, you’re operating with an outdated mentality that isn’t suited to the digital revolution. Secondary storage isn’t just a new backup solution. It’s an entirely new term for a way of manipulating data to better serve your data center, cloud environments, disaster recovery operations, and other important areas of your business for long-term growth and support. It’s also a key step in building out your internal operations for improving change management and overcoming disruption.

Secondary storage is worth the investment; although it’s typically a little difficult to budget for a new solution if you’re leaving behind a traditional backup tape solution, the price tag per protected gig will be lower and secondary storage will save you money in the long run while offering far more benefits in functionality.

Explore your options with an IT solutions provider that offers secondary storage platforms. Razor Technology is an experienced IT services provider and partner that can help you find a next-generation backup solution that fits your needs and business goals and offer the integration, support, and strategic advice that will make the most of your new investment. Contact Razor Technology today to get started.


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