Data Protection & Security Driving Cloud Adoption

The secret is out. More companies than ever are realizing that the cloud is the way go. In fact, cloud adoption rates are growing at an exceptionally high rate. Over the next 3 years, 43% of companies plan to move data storage and management to the cloud, and another 43% want to move data and business analytics.

What’s all the commotion about? Most companies are adopting cloud services to reduce overall IT costs, support fast growing needs and create new efficiencies. But there’s another reason so many businesses are moving to the cloud: data security.

The Cloud Is More Secure Than Your Own Data Center

As surprising as it may sound, companies with on-premises data centers actually face more attacks than those in the cloud. Companies with on-site data centers see an average of 61.4 attacks, compared to only 27.8 attacks in the cloud. On-site data centers also experience more brute force attacks – automated software that tries every possible password combination to infiltrate your company’s network.

Think of it this way: cloud service providers are better equipped to fend off attacks. Most companies have little to no experience with cyberthreats. And many are ill-prepared for cyberattacks, especially smaller businesses with limited IT resources, budget, and staff. The best cloud service providers work every day to help companies recover from or even prevent incidents. They’re armed with the latest tools and security solutions to keep cyberthreats at bay.

Legacy Systems Can’t Compare to Cloud Solutions

Most on-premises data centers are working with a hodgepodge mix of old legacy systems and newer add-on security products. Older systems possess less sophisticated security mechanisms and can’t contend with today’s increasingly advanced and complex cyberthreats.

We’re not saying it’s impossible to ensure a secure IT environment on-premises. What we’re saying is that many businesses lack the resources needed to update and monitor their on-site environment. Upgrading servers and vigilantly maintaining on-site resources is a costly, time-consuming endeavor.

Cloud services providers can cut IT costs and support your solution. They possess the skills and solutions needed to combat the most dangerous threats. What’s more, they often stack security onto other cloud and technology offerings, such as taking on Big Data, backing up systems for disaster recovery, and continuously monitoring and supporting critical systems. They can work with you as a partner and help your business prepare for a worst case scenario, whether it’s a hacker, ransomware or a natural disaster.

If you’re still on the fence about migrating to the cloud, or you’re worried about cloud security, we can help you design, implement and support an end-to-end security solution for complete peace of mind. Contact us today, and we’ll help you build a solution that fits your every need.

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