Buzzfeed News Hacked: OurMine Seeks Retaliation for “Unmasked” Member

When you think of Buzzfeed, you typically think of the cutest puppy photos, lists of stuff you didn’t know you needed, but now desperately want, and life hacks that will change your life forever. But lately, Buzzfeed has been associated with hacks of a darker and more sinister nature.

Recently, the hacking group OurMine vandalized a number of Buzzfeed News posts. OurMine replaced several Buzzfeed News post titles with “Hacked by OurMine,” and they didn’t stop there. They also altered the body of some posts to read “don’t share fake news about us again” and, even more frightening, “we have your database.”

Hacking Group Carries Out Revenge Attack

The breach happened the morning after Buzzfeed wrote an article claiming that a Saudi Arabian teenager, going by the name of “Ahmad Makki,” was behind several high-profile hacks and a part of the OurMine hacking group. According to Buzzfeed, the teenager was responsible for the hacks of dozens of tech CEOs and celebrities, including the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Uber.

OurMine denied Buzzfeed’s claim, stating that Makki is “just a fan.” But it appears they didn’t take kindly to the “fake news,” as they retaliated with the breach.

OurMine mentioned the revenge attack in a statement on their website: “Yesterday Buzzfeed Created a post that we are only 1 member called Ahmed Makki, and we can confirm that we don’t Have a member called ‘Ahmed Makki’ and we are now 4 we were 3 but someone joined, and we hacked it because they are reporting fake news about us.”

The statement continues with, “We have a member known as ‘Makki’ But not ahmad makki, and he is not from saudi arabia.”

Buzzfeed was quick to respond to the hack. They took down the pages in minutes and stated that they’re working to restore them.

Small Businesses at Risk for Cyber Attacks

Now you may be asking yourself, how does this relate to my business? Well, if the Dropbox hack and Yahoo hack didn’t scare you, the Buzzfeed breach is your wake up call. If you don’t have an action plan in place, your data, applications and services are all at risk.

In fact, the survival of your entire business is at stake. Nearly half of small businesses have been a victim of cyber attacks, with 71% of all security breaches target small businesses. And, unlike large businesses, small businesses don’t always recover from cyber attacks, especially if they lack a line of defense.

Now, we’re not saying OurMine is going to attack your business (though, you never know; don’t rule out the possibility just yet). But there are plenty of other hackers out there ready to prey on the gaps in your business’s security plans.

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