4 Ways Cloud Computing Reduces Holiday Stress

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year – and also the most stressful. According to a poll by the American Psychological Association, 69% of people are stressed because of a “lack of time.”

Many employees grapple with looming end of the year deadlines and a significant increase in business. And the stress of shopping, decorating and traveling can invade the office and decrease productivity.

If you and your employees are feeling the stress of the holiday season, a robust cloud solution can help you cope with stressors and enjoy the season. Keep reading to learn how cloud computing can ease or even eliminate work pressures and improve performance.

1) Streamline communication

Improving business communications is a challenge even in the best of times, and the holiday frenzy only complicates matters further. At any given moment, there are a million different things to deal with: planning holiday events, sending gifts and signing countless cards on top of all of the usual meetings and work priorities.

You can solve most or even all of your communication hassles by migrating to the cloud. When you move your data and applications into the cloud, you streamline all avenues of communication. Your employees can stay connected amidst all the hustle, bustle and chaos of the holiday season.

Cloud-based programs can be used anytime, anywhere – as long as there’s an internet connection. Using cloud-based software, team members can access business data, connect through instant messaging and collaborate in shared documents. No more emailing files back and forth and trying to find the latest version in an endless email chain. 

2) Ease growing pains

The holiday season is a good time to draw in new business. Why else would you spend hours designing holiday promotional emails featuring dancing reindeer and cascading snowflakes (unless you have time to kill and an overwhelming love for the season)? But if you’re working with an outdated legacy system, you may suffer from significant growing pains and feel overwhelmed by the surge in new customers and data needs.

Cloud computing enables your business to turn resources up or down and scale to fast-changing business needs. Adding new applications, users and systems is quick and easy. You no longer have to worry about running out of space on hard drives or racking up high maintenance or upgrade costs. By using cloud-based software, you can support business growth without having to add new servers or hardware or hire in-house experts.

3) Greater reliability

Cloud-based services are often more reliable than on-premise solutions, especially if your business is using aging hardware or servers. Cloud service providers have a dedicated team of IT experts on-hand and access to the latest cloud-based software and technology. For small businesses with limited IT resources, they can serve as a valuable partner in all infrastructure needs and help resolve issues.

4) Protect critical data

Data loss is like the grinch of the holiday season. As employees travel to holiday destinations and family gatherings, they take their tablets and devices with them, devices that may have access to your critical business data. If a device is misplaced, lost or stolen, your company data could end up in the wrong hands. A 2014 survey from Ernst & Young revealed that a business’s number one vulnerability to cybercrime was careless or unaware employees.

So, how can businesses protect themselves from cybersecurity threats from not only outside the organization, but inside as well? The first step is to develop and enforce an employee cybersecurity policy that educates all employees on data security and protection best practices. But while a clearly defined policy is a good start, it’s not enough to keep your data safe in a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

The best approach is to implement a cloud backup and recovery solution that offers nonstop, secure data protection. A cloud services provider can work with your company and help you develop an easy-to-use, low-cost backup solution to ensure fast recovery.

Are you working with limited IT resources or budget? Do you feel that your legacy system is holding you back from success and new business growth? Razor Technology can help you plan, design, implement and support a custom solution that frees up your IT resources and powers significant growth. Contact us today and gain the agility, cost savings, and security of a robust cloud solution.

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