4 Tips to Build IT Resilience Before the Next Amazon Cloud Outage

We all love Amazon. Where else can you buy things at 2 a.m. and enjoy the feeling of regret two days later? Not to mention, Amazon is a huge provider of cloud services for popular websites like Buzzfeed, Pinterest, Netflix and Spotify.

If you didn’t know this before, you probably do now after the massive Amazon cloud outage on Tuesday. Hundreds of thousands of websites were down during a 4-hour outage. One tweet went so far as to say “half the internet” runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

While not all AWS clients’ websites were down during the outage, many websites experienced significant slowdowns. Amazon wasn’t even able to update the AWS Service Health Dashboard, a dashboard where users can check on the status and availability of AWS services, because it’s hosted on AWS.

Amazon’s widespread outage highlights a critical need for IT resilience in an era where many companies rely on the cloud to do business.

If you were one of the thousands of companies affected, check out our quick and to the point list of 4 expert tips and learn how to fortify your environment so critical events like the Amazon outage do not affect your business, and most importantly, your end-users.

4 Tips To Build IT Resilience in the Cloud Era

  1. Test your recovery strategy well, and often
  2. Ensure all business processes, not just your systems will function in the event of failure.
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – consider spanning your DR strategy into an alternate cloud.
  4. Be prepared for potential failure scenarios that can impact your production services, or worse, both production AND disaster recovery.

Are you having doubts about your IT security in the wake of the Amazon cloud outage?

Take our 10-question Data Vulnerability Quiz and test the effectiveness and strength of your IT environment. Or talk to us to learn how to strengthen your IT resilience and prevent work stoppages that cost you and your customers.

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