4 Signs Your Data Security Strategy Needs Updating in 2017

Security threats are constantly changing and increase in complexity every year. Just as a business fends off one attack, a sneakier and more advanced threat emerges to take its place. Are you confident that your data security plan is up to the challenge?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and questioning your ability to protect your data, we’re sharing 4 obvious signs that your data security needs updating along with tips for taking action immediately. 

Sign #1: You’re falling victim to more hackers and threats

Are you seeing an increase in malware or ransomware attacks? Are hackers breaking into your network at an alarming rate? These are surefire signs that your security plan needs updating not next month, not next week but immediately.

While even the best and most advanced security solutions can’t protect your business from all attacks, they should minimize your risk of falling victim to most threats. If your data security plan is inviting in all kinds of financial and cybersecurity trouble, it’s not doing what it’s supposed to and may need upgrading. Perform a security audit or penetration test to identify gaps in protection or work with a trusted, knowledgeable security solutions provider who can design the perfect solution for your unique requirements.

Sign #2: Your employees lack data security training

When it comes to data security, your employees can be your weakest link. They have access to your critical data. By opening just one malicious email or clicking on one suspicious link, your employees could invite in a hacker and compromise sensitive data.

If your employees aren’t trained to recognize warning signs of malware, ransomware and other data security threats, or they’re using the most common and easy-to-crack passwords, your data is at risk. Take action before it’s too late and educate employees on data security best practices in a well-written, well-researched employee cybersecurity policy.

Sign #3: You don’t have a backup plan

No business is safe from disaster, hackers or the most dangerous threats out there. If you’re not consistently backing up data, you could lose critical business data with no chances of recovery.

We know how time-consuming and stressful the data backup process can be. No one likes adding more IT responsibilities to their plate. But you will feel better knowing that your data is secure and easily recoverable. Also, you’ll avoid the painful and demanding task of trying to restore corrupt files or replace lost data.

backup and recovery services provider can help you get started by planning and designing a comprehensive solution. They can proactively monitor your solution and consistently run backups to protect and preserve fast-changing data.

Sign #4: Your network speeds are at an all-time low

The biggest sign of security vulnerabilities is a slow network. If it’s taking longer than usual to load computers or devices, there’s something wrong. Outdated, ancient systems aren’t up to speed (ha!) with security best practices and could leave you vulnerable to attacks. Update your infrastructure and implement an end-to-end security solution before it’s too late.

Ready to update your approach to data security in 2017, but not sure where to start? Learn how to navigate a rapidly evolving threat landscape and keep attackers at bay with our checklist, 10-Step Plan for Secure Data in 2017. Use these tips to get ready for new security threats in 2017 and the years ahead!

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