Ransomware attacks are on the rise.
9,515 ransoms are paid every month.*

How can you safeguard your data against this rapidly evolving threat?

Learn how to avoid the high costs of downtime and data loss by listening to a recording of our webinar, Know Your Threat: Ransomware Uncovered.

In this webinar, Avecto’s Senior Security Engineer, James Maude, and Razor Technology’s CTO, Jay Gagne, shared a breakdown of real ransomware attacks and provided key learnings you can take away to ensure that your organization is not the next victim.

3 more reasons to listen:

  • Learn what ransomware is and how it works
  • Discover the most effective ways to overcome ransomware without relying on detection
  • Understand why data isolation and context are so important in containing the threat

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Build a strong line of defense against ransomware

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