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ConTrax is a comprehensive IT asset management solution that gives you more control over your IT environment.

There are a multitude of IT assets that make up a healthy data center, and keeping track of all the documentation can be challenging. It’s common for assets to come from various vendors and manufacturers, each with its own unique terms, conditions, and contract. Nothing is consistent, and it may feel like you’re trying to manage chaos. Why not simplify the process?

Razor ConTrax is a state-of-the-art, web-based IT asset management tool that stores all of the information needed to maintain and manage your IT assets, their related hardware and software, and their associated services contracts. This streamlined approach to asset and contract management has proven to significantly reduce our customers’ IT costs,and insures assets are properly supported throughout their lifecycle.

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Razor ConTrax facilitates proactive support contract administration by:

  • Conveniently locating all pertinent asset information in a single cloud repository
  • Providing a communication network where your IT can post changes and control security
  • Documenting all asset service events to help you make more informed and more proactive decisions on aging equipment
  • Allowing you to create customizable fields for maintaining data specific to your environment
  • Giving you the ability to companion hardware and software assets with the parent

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