IT Governance is a delicate balancing act of implementing just the right amount of control. Let our team help.

IT Governance is a unique balancing act of establishing control and minimizing risk. To achieve that equilibrium, Razor has assembled a team that includes former IT executives with experience across both large and small firms to develop and implement successful and scalable IT Governance models that can help derive better performance and value from your IT organization.

It is important to note that the IT function serves a different purpose from one business to the next. For some organizations, IT is responsible for keeping infrastructure up and running; for others, it assists in sustaining a competitive advantage. As more and more businesses try to derive more from their IT organization — with the common added pressure of keeping costs flat or declining year over year — the burden and risks placed on IT grow. Therefore, it becomes crucial that companies understand the value provided by IT and focus their time and capital resources on maximizing their return on investment.

Razor’s IT Governance Methodology enables your business and the IT organization to make the best decisions on IT direction. Our approach includes:

  • Defining the current function and role of IT.
  • Defining current business objectives and matching them to IT capability.
  • Applying a model to the services and infrastructure that IT delivers.
  • Reviewing and recommending process or practice changes to better align with the model.
  • Reviewing and recommending infrastructure changes to better align with business goals.

Read how a leading food retailer obtained storage scalability without disrupting daily operations.

We can help you map out a strategic process for improving IT performance and deploying technologies faster.

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