Big Data

Big Data means unique requirements. Let our team of experts help design and deploy a Big Data solution that works for you.

Our Big Data Solutions incorporate best-of-breed vendor platforms combined with expertise in design, deployment, and both short- and long-term management options.

Tenets of Big Data:

  • Traditional data models think in terms of gigabytes and terabytes; Big Data thinks on a scale of petabytes and exabytes.
  • Traditional data models favor centralization; Big Data favors a distributed approach.
    Traditional data models are structured; Big Data is semi-structured or unstructured.
  • Traditional data models have many known intricate relationships; Big Data has fewer and less intricate relationships.


Razor Technology understands that Big Data breaks many of the traditional rules of enterprise storage management. As a result, our experienced team deploys proven solutions that successfully tackle the challenges associated with Big Data.

Learn how Razor Tech helped Keystone Aerial Surveys implement a highly scalable storage solution.

We can help you build and implement a Big Data
solution tailored to your business’s unique

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