INFINIDAT was founded in 2011 by a team of storage industry experts focused on eliminating the compromises between performance, availability, and cost at multi-petabyte scale for enterprise storage.


This team, spanning generations of storage industry experience and previous product successes, determined that there is a better, faster way to store and protect multiple petabytes of data, with the highest possible availability, at the lowest possible cost. All of this work was done with a single goal in mind – enable customers to spend less on their infrastructure and focus more on innovation and growth.


INFINIDAT is the one storage vendor you can turn to for all your storage needs. We deliver enterprise-proven solutions for data storage, data protection, business continuity, and sovereign cloud storage. All of our solutions are based on the same fundamental technology foundation that provides high availability, high performance, and the lowest possible TCO at multi-petabyte scale.


Starting in 2013, INFINIDAT brought to market the first InfiniBox®, a software-centric, cache-optimized storage platform that outperforms all-flash arrays in real-world workloads, is extremely simple to use, and provides seven nines (99.99999%) data availability. Today, InfiniBox is installed in Global 500 companies around the world, supporting a wide variety of applications and use cases.

INFINIDAT is well funded by top-tier venture capital firms such as TPG Capital and Goldman Sachs. To date, the company has total funding of $325M with a post-funding valuation of $1.6 billion. In March of 2018, INFINIDAT announced a major expansion of their product portfolio, bringing to market new solutions for data protection, business continuity, and cloud computing, as well as a higher capacity version of their F6000 series InfiniBox.

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