Headquartered in Campbell, California, APTARE, Inc. is the de facto leader providing vendor-independent, storage management and data protection products that give comprehensive visibility into large-scale storage environments.

The APTARE® management platform suite of products has been designed using proprietary technology that provides a “single pane of glass” through which an enterprises entire storage and backup infrastructure can be viewed. Because their products are vendor-independent, their customers call them their third party source of truth. Their storage management and data protection products enable you to collect and analyze data — across products, across facilities and across continents, providing you with accurate reports and no hidden agendas.

With over 1000 enterprise customers worldwide, APTARE continues to provide customers with the information they need to effectively manage their storage infrastructures.

Unique in today’s corporate world, APTARE is both private and profitable with no outside investors. The success of APTARE stakeholders success is its employees, allowing them to focus on delivering products and services that help customers solve their real-world storage problems.


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